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Sze Po Yin, Jasmine (Health Stories & Fake News Prevention Project)
Even though medication is always a non-negligible part of the whole healing process, most of the patients simply ignore the significance of taking medications correctly. Being a nursing student, I wish to contribute as much as possible to the society by joining CU CHAMPIONS and promoting medication safety. Also, I would like to have a taste of the sense of accomplishment after organising and joining different kinds of voluntary works, which I believe, can definitely help me become a more passionate front-line healthcare provider.


School / Year: Nursing / 2

College: Lee Woo Sing College

Hobbies: Watching dramas, cooking, listening to music


Xian Haozeng, Holly (Teaching & Learning During Pandemic Project)

I had participated in different outreach activities when I was a Champ Mentor last year. In the past, I thought hospital was a place for rescue to which we had to devote the most resources and effort. After participating in several services organised by CU Champion, I found that community healthcare was always being overlooked. Many citizens who have chronic diseases lack medical knowledge and this will become a hidden concern for public health. Thus, the mission of CU Champion is promoting healthy lifestyle within the community. At the same, as a nursing student, I can familiarize the working environment and strengthen my confidence when I work in the hospital in the future after joining CU Champion. 


School / Year: Nursing / 3

College: Wu Yee Sun College

Hobbies: cookery, travelling, photo taking, debate


Cheung Ka Pui, Janice (Health Stories & Fake News Prevention Project)

Promoting health information to the general public is one of my aims in studying food and nutritional sciences. CU CHAMPION not only provides a platform for me to utilize my knowledge contributing to the general public, but also allows me to collaborate with teammates from different disciplines, which may definitely benefit my future career.


School / Year: Food and Nutritional Sciences / 4

College: Chung Chi College

Hobbies: Cooking and Traveling


Cheung Hoi Ching, Cloe (Phone Reassurance for Elderly Project)

As a medical student, I hope to learn the practical techniques and communication skills in order to bring high quality medical aid to the general public. CU CHAMPION will give me many opportunities to bring healthcare knowledge and medical aid to the public. 


With Hong Kong’s ageing population, I hope that our projects will be able to improve public health in terms of reducing misinformation and providing basic healthcare support for the elderly. Being part of the resource team will allow me to further develop my communication and teamwork skills, especially since I will be working with people of different backgrounds. Through our outreach projects, I hope to provide aid and contribute valuable medical knowledge to disadvantaged communities. 


School / Year: Medicine / 3

College: S. H. Ho College

Hobbies: reading, listening to music, writing

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