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Inter-professional Education (IPE) in


As a service learning program, CU CHAMPION aims at equipping students to be familiar with interprofessional practice as future health care professionals.



The compulsory student volunteers workshop consists of Lectures, Case Discussion, and Equipment Training.



The lectures aim to equip students with fundamental knowledge of geriatric care, medication safety, interview skills, and disease prevention. Speakers include healthcare professionals and teachers from social work and different health disciplines.


Case Discussion

Students are allocated in groups with peers of other disciplines to discuss and present solutions of assigned case scenarios about patients who are facing health, drugs, and social problems.

Equipment Training

It’s purpose is to give student volunteers a better understanding of the equipment they will be using to conduct basic health check-up for service participants in outreach services.


In order to provide a cohesive learning among students of different disciplines, teachers of each discipline prepare voiceover lecture slides, videos, animations, and readings on a tailored e-learning platform to support students’ self-learning. In addition, there are quizzes and self assessment to evaluate students' learning outcomes.

Right: E-learning materials on the platform


Outreach Services

Students work together in community outreach services to deliver health and medication safety education.

Through interviewing and providing health screening for service subjects, students can get to know about the real-life situation of patients in the community. On the other hand, students can also shadow the healthcare professionals to learn how to communicate and consult service participants.

Left: Flow graphics of a typical outreach service

IPE Elective Course 

As future stakeholder of our society, CUHK students should have a global citizen mindset and have the ability to observe and find solutions for social problems locally and globally. This course focuses on elderly’s health and drug related problems as an interprofesional healthcare team for students to prepare for a rapidly changing health service environment in both clinical and community settings. 

The overall grade for the course will be based on lectures attendance, group project, and assignment. Please visit the course page for further details. ​

PHAR 2018 Pills Box Management Exercise
PHAR 2018 Class Photo With Patients

Interprofessional education is important for developing high quality health care. We review and improve our IPE service learning model every year, in order to give students a more comprehensive experience of exchanging their relative expertise and equip them for inter-professional collaboration in the future.

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