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CU CHAMPION 2018 comprises a series of community outreach and medication safety promotion activities held between October 2017 and September 2018. Core Teams 2017 and 2018 are both responsible for Year 2018.

This year, CU CHAMPION will launch a number of new community services and educational activities. We will continue to promote disease prevention, community health and medication safety to the public, especially to primary and secondary school students, ethnic minorities and the elderly!







Core Team







High School













Volunters Recruitment

With the support from our enthusiastic volunteers, we were able to hold outreach services with success over the past years! Our student volunteers come from the Faculty of Medicine and Department of Social Work. We need a lot of volunteers for all outreach sessions to help with blood pressure measurement, blood sugar testing, electrocardiogram screening, Body Mass Index calculation, health survey, health consultation and drug education.

Apart from that, volunteers can also sign up as Champ Mentors! Champ Mentors will lead secondary school students (Mentees) in summer outreach services and take this chance to pass on their experience and knowledge. By joining this program, Mentees can fully participate in volunteer work and learn from their seniors.

Registration link:

Servie Registration

CU CHAMPION will hold a series of events in Year 2018, including different types of outreach services, elderly visits, workshops and alumni programs. CUHK students who are interested should first apply online; we will then send out details of volunteers recruitment and outreach sessions via email. Service hours of student volunteers will be recorded according to their attendance.


All students who wish to participate in the activities held by CU CHAMPION should first complete the relevant application forms to facilitate the work of our Core Team members.

Introduction Video

Servic Hours

CU CHAMPION Volunteer Service Hour Scheme was designed to recognize the contributions made by our enthusiastic volunteers. Volunteers will be awarded with certificates of different levels based their cumulative service hours in Year 2018 (from October 2017 to September 2018). Service hours will also be adjusted according to online course participation and different positions held, such as Core Team and Mentors.

Service hour scheme of Year 2017 could be taken as a reference. Certificates are divided into 5 levels (in descending requirement level): Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Participation. For example, volunteers will need to join at least 80 hours of service in order to get a Platinum Level certificate.


​Details of the Service Hour Scheme are as follows:

  • Platinum:≥ 80 hours

  • Gold:70-79 hours

  • Silver:55-69 hours

  • Bronze:40-54 hours

  • Participation:10-39 hours

Core Team

Core Team 2018 is the crux of CU CHAMPION – members are responsible for preparing and organizing outreach services. Core Team 2018 consists of four teams, including Internal Team, External Team, Resource Team and Research Team. Duties of Core Team include recruiting volunteers, coordinating activities, liaising with schools and community centres and designing health brochures.

Term: January 2018 - December 2018

Core Team 2018 Members Introduction

Core Team 2017 Members Introduction

Community Collaboration

CU CHAMPION strives to bring positive changes to the community through volunteer service. This year, we will work with our community partners and organize a series of outreach service. We will step into the community and reach out to the disadvantaged, thereby understand their needs and build closer relationships. We hope to provide healthcare services and improve medication adherence of participants.

Children Services

Currently, there is inadequate community health promotion focusing on medication safety among children. CU CHAMPION will cooperate with Harmony House and  educate children on the importance of medication safety through fun activities.

Date: 16th November, 2017

Venue: CUHK Campus

(The event has ended, thank you for your support!)

Champ 2018

CU CHAMPION will host Champ (Comprehensive Health Advocacy and Mentorship Program) for the third year. The objective of the program is to provide high school students, especially those who are interested in joining medical school, an opportunity to understand community health problems encountered by senior citizens. High school participants will be trained with the basics of medication safety and disease management, so that they can provide first-line healthcare support to their families, and eventually to the community.


Champ 2018 participants (Mentees) are required to attend five workshops scheduled on Saturdays between March 2018 and June 2018. At the same time, they need to visit CU CATALYST 2018 online learning platform via KEEP and learn more about health conditions of the elderly and medication safety. After all training sessions, Mentees will join Summer Outreach 2018 in July and August. Under guidance of Champ Mentors, Mentees will have the chance to perform health check and provide health education to the elderly.

Schools participating in Champ 2018 include (in alphabetical order):

  • Carmel Pak U Secondary School

  • Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School

  • Diocesan Girls' School

  • Heep Yunn School

  • New Territories Heung Yee Kuk Yuen Long District Secondary School

  • Sheng Kung Hui Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School​​

  • Wah Yan College, Kowloon

Diabetes Prevention Day

Diabetes is a common chronic disease in Hong Kong and contributes significantly to mortality. High-risk factors for diabetes include old age, obesity, genetics, and lack of physical exercise. On top of that, patients suffering from certain endocrine diseases, pancreatic diseases, and those taking drugs such as steroids are also susceptible to diabetes*.

In order to enhance public knowledge on how diabetes affects human body and answer related enquiries, CU CHAMPION will collaborate with PREVENT.DM in holding Diabetes Prevention Day. Activities include booth games, lectures, health check and health consultation. All are welcome.

Date and Time: 25th May, 2018    10:00AM - 7:00PM

                  :    26th May, 2018    10:00AM - 5:00PM

Venue: Lecture Theatre 1, Yasumoto International Academic Park,

            CUHK (3-minute walk from University Station Exit D)

(The event has ended, thank you for your support!)

Click here to view Diabetes Prevention Day Webpage

*Source: Centre for Health Protection, Department of Health

IPE Elective Course

CU CHAMPION will launch an inter-professional course - PHAR2018 - for students from the Faculty of Medicine, CUHK, in 2018 Summer.


Course title:Inter-professional Learning for Medication Safety 

Course code: PHAR2018

Credit: 1 

​Period: 14th May to 30th June, 2018 (Summer Session)

Introduction: As future medical professionals, students from CUHK Faculty of Medicine should have global mindset and possess the ability to propose solutions for local and global social problems. In this course, we will focus mainly on aging problem, as well as health and drug-related problems faced by the elderly. PHAR2018 is tailor-made for this purpose with the course being formed by three simple components: workshop, e-Learning, and outreach service. In short, it is a service learning course for students of all disciplines under the Faculty of Medicine to work as an inter-professional team and tackle the greatest global challenge – aging.


Service hours and online learning scores of students participating in PHAR2018 will be counted into CU CHAMPION Volunteer Service Hours Scheme. PHAR2018 students are not required to participate in CU CHAMPION online learning activities during summer. Yet, they are welcome to participate in outreach services held in July and August for gaining more service hours!


  • Students from the Faculty of Medicine

  • Register via CUSIS from 14th May to 18th May, 2018

  • Participate in at least three CU CHAMPION summer outreach sessions from May to June* 

  • Must attend the Workshop必需出席工作坊

    • ​19th May, 2018 (Saturday) 

    • Attend Morning (0930 - 1300) OR Afternoon (1330 - 1700) session

    • Venue: Lecture Theatre 4, Yasumoto International Academic Park

  • Complete e-Learning modules and quizzes on Blackboard by the end of June 2018

*Students must participate in three of the following summer community outreach service sessions:

a) Diabets Prevention Day (in CUHK campus)

b) CU CHAMPION Summer Outreach 2018 

  • 2nd June Morning (FYSK Tai Po Neighbourhood Elderly Centre)

  • 2nd June Morning (Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Neighbour Elderly Centre)

  • 9th June Afternoon (Mr Kwok Hing Kwan Neighbourhood Elderly Centre)

  • ​9th June Morning (ELCHK Ma On Shan District Elderly Community Centre)

  • ​9th June Afternoon (ELCHK Ma On Shan District Elderly Community Centre)


Communty Workshop Series

Community Workshop Series include workshops held by CU CHAMPION or other organizations, which usually cover topics on community health and medication safety. CU CHAMPION volunteers may sign up and attend these workshops; service hours will be counted based on attendance.

Community Partners

Upholding our motto "Passion in Action", CU CHAMPION is committed to promoting health and medication safety within the community. Since establishment in 2013, we have served over 13000 Hong Kong citizens.

With the goal of raising health awareness of general public and encouraging the youth to care more about community health, CU CHAMPION will collaborate with different organizations and secondary schools in holding Summer Outreach. We will provide health check and medication reconciliation services for the elderly. 

​Click here for Outreach Activities held over the past years

We are now recruiting elderly centres to be our partners in Summer Outreach 2018!

Details are as follows:

Date: June to August 2018 (every Saturday) (The quota is full, thank you for your support!)

Time: Morning (9:00AM - 1:00PM); OR

          Afternoon (12:00PM - 5:00PM); OR

          Whole Day (9:00AM - 5:00PM)
Venue: Indoor area of respective centres
Target: Centre members aged 60 or above
Estimated number of participants: At least 50 elderly per session (participants attend at different time slots, for example 8 elderly people in every 30 minutes)
Activities: Health Survey, Body Mass Index and body fat measurement, blood pressure and blood glucose measurement, basic electrocardiogram screening, health consultation, medication counselling and drug waste collection

Summer Outreac 2018


Summer Outreach 2018 aims at providing basic health check services and medication safety information for the elderly. Students from the Faculty of Medicine and Department of Social Work will take part in this program. The focus areas of Summer Outreach 2018 include:

  • Atrial Fibrillation

  • Medication Safety

  • Dementia

  • Anti-microbial Resistance (AMR)

We also hope to train secondary school students with a better understanding of needs of the elderly and educate them to deliver health-related knowledge effectively.


During each service session, we will complete health questionnaires for the elderly. The purpose of conducting such survey is to understand the medication history, behavior and physical conditions of elderly people. In terms of promoting basic health and medication safety, we will also provide them with blood glucose, Body Mass Index, and blood pressure measurement. A basic electrocardiogram screening will also be conducted.​


Date: 25th May - 9th June (Phase 1)

          7th July -  25th August (Phase 2)

Time: Morning, Afternoon or Whole Day session every Saturday

​Venue: CUHK Campus and 40 elderly centres across different

            districts of Hong Kong 

Click here to view Outreach Service Sessions (July - August)


Core Team: mainly responsible for organizing and leading outreach activities throughout the year. Core Team comprises of four sub-teams, namely Internal Team, External Team, Resource Team and Research Team. For more information on respective team members and duties, please visit Core Team 2018.


CHAMPION : CUHK student volunteers who conduct health assessments and provide medication safety knowledge as well as health education to the elderly during outreach services.

Mentors : CUHK student volunteers who serve as seniors, lead Mentees during Summer Outreach and share their experiences in university life.

Mentees : Comprehensive Health Advocacy and Mentorship Program (Champ) participants, comprising of senior students from six secondary schools. By conducting outreach services with CUHK students, mentees acquire basic knowledge on elderly care and medication safety, and gain opportunities in exploring university life.

Professionals: CUHK alumni volunteers / practising healthcare professionals, including registered pharmacists, nurses and Chinese medicine practitioners, who offer professional consultation on medications and nursing care to the elderly.


  • Students from the Faculty of Medicine, CUHK, including undergraduates and postgraduates studying Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Gerontology, Chinese Medicine, Publish Health, Community Health Practice, and Biomedical Sciences

  • Undergraduates and postgraduates from Department of Social Work

  • Graduating students are also eligible

  • Attend at least two Summer Outreach sessions

  • Participate in Workshops which include important details of Summer Outreach


To ensure that Summer Outreach runs smoothly and effectively, volunteers are required to participate in workshops organized by CU CHAMPION. In each workshop, we will introduce service logistics, points to note, communication skills with the elderly and basic medication safety knowledge. Case discussions will also be held.

CHAMPION Volunters must attend one of the following CHAMPION Workshop sessions:

  • 23rd June (Saturday) (9:30AM - 12:00PM); OR

  • 23rd June (Saturday) (1:30PM - 4:00PM)

    • All sessions will be held within CUHK campus.

e-Learning Platform

Teachers from different Departments will prepare and publish e-Learning materials on the e-Learning Platform. CUHK students can access these materials through Blackboard, while secondary school students can do so via KEEP Moodle.

Summer Outreach Location

Collaborating elderly centres are located across different districts of Hong Kong. Volunteers can indicate their preferences for outreach sessions, and we will try our best to assign sessions according to residential area of volunteers.

With regards to the arrangements above, the decision of CU CHAMPION shall be final.


You are welcome to email us via for any enquiries.

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