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CU CHAMPION (Community Health And Multi-disciplinary Partnership Inter-professional Outreach Network)

Developed in 2013, Community Health And Multi-disciplinary Partnership Inter-professional Outreach Network (CU CHAMPION) is an inter-disciplinary outreach service team, which is also a service-learning program. 


Since its establishment, CU CHAMPION has organized a series of outreach activities to promote medication safety and healthy lifestyle within the campus and the community. Inter-professional Education (IPE) has been introduced to students through workshops, e-learning platform and community services. In parallel with providing health education, students can gain in-depth understanding of patients, collaborate with peers from other medical professions, and enhance their skills in communicating with different service targets.

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Passion in Action


–  Echoes the motto of the Faculty of Medicine: Transforming our Passion

    into Perfection. 


–  With passion, we take action to make a difference in other people’s life.


Champion, passion and action are the core elements of CU Champion!



The advisory committee of CU CHAMPION include Professors and Lecturers from the Faculty of Medicine and the Department of Social Work of CUHK. The committee provides guidance and assistance on CU CHAMPION service learning program and student-led community services. They design and prepare workshop content, as well as e-learning materials for students to practice in outreach services.

Core Team

Core Team

The former groups of student leaders were called Clerkship Teams (2013 - 2015), which were formed by a group of Pharmacy students who were in their final year of study. They were mainly responsible for the Summer Outreach services during July and August.


The Core Team was officially inaugurated in 2016. It consists of students from different disciplines who take parts in 4 functional teams, namely : Internal, External, Resource and Research, each team has it's own specialty and responsibility to organise and execute all community health education, service, and research projects within two project years' period. 


Core Team Member Profiles:

Core Team 2020-2021