Prof. Vivian WY LEE

Supervisor, CU CHAMPION

Associate Professor,

Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research


Prof. Janita PC CHAU

Assistant Dean (Alumni Affairs)

Professor, The Nethersole School of Nursing

Faculty of Medicine, CUHK

Prof. Samuel YS WONG

Assistant Dean (Education)

Associate Director (Undergraduate Education)

Professor and Head, Division of Family Medicine and Primary Healthcare

JC School of Public Health and Primary Care

Faculty of Medicine, CUHK

Prof. Paul Lai


Director, Office of Medical Education

Faculty of Medicine, CUHK

Dr. Ann Lau

Principal Lecturer

Assistant Director (Undergraduate Education)

Deputy Director, BSc in Biomedical Sciences Programme

School of Biomedical Sciences

Faculty of Medicine, CUHK

Prof. Wallace Chan

Associate Professor

Department of Social Work

Faculty of Social Science, CUHK

Mr. KC Chan


Department of Social Work

Faculty of Social Science, CUHK


“CU Champion provides a unique platform for students of different disciplines to learn and work together. This kind of inter-professional education in the university is invaluable and crucial. As a social work teacher, I highly recommend my social work students to join CU Champion.


I truly believe that they will experience both personal and professional growth through the various learning and outreaching activities. Do join the CU Champion—it will be a meaningful experience of your university journey.”


—  Prof. Wallace Chan

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