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Core Team 2017 members are responsible to conduct all up-coming CU CHAMPION community outreach programs in 2017.

Major Events in 2017

  • Winter Outreach​ (Elderly) (February)

  • Champ Tour (Secondary School Students)  (March & April

  • Spring Outreach  (Ethnic Minority,Elderly) (March & April)

  • Champ Workshop (May)

  • CU CHAMPION Workshop (June) 

  • Summer Outreach (July & August),

  • CU CHAMPION 2017 Closing Ceremony (September) 

  • Recruit Core Team 2018 (October & November)

  • Fall Outreach (October & November)

  • Winter Outreach (December) 

Core Team 2017 : Structure

Core Team 2017 consists of 4 task forces and their main duties include: 

Internal Team :  

  • Recruit and manage CUHK student volunteers 

  • Co-ordinate team affairs and meetings 

  • Host events 

External Team :   

  • Recruit and manage secondary school student volunteers 

  • Liaise with collaborating partners 

  • Co-ordinate event logistic


  • Plan and develop event content

  • Analyze evaluation data  

  • Monitor volunteers' participation and progress 

Research Team

  • Develop Summer Outreach questionnaire and analyze the reserach data

  • Conduct post summer outreach follow up visit service 

  • Provide health education and drugs consultation for follow up subjects

Core duties of each Core Team member : 

  • Co-ordinate and promote CU CHAMPION events;

  • Help make CU CHAMPION events happen and run smoothly;

  • Lead in outreach services.


January to December, 2017


Email    :

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