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Poon Hei Lam, Hazel (Phone Reassurance for Elderly Project)

Being a pharmacy student, I am and have been for long, aiming to serve those in need in our community. Before graduation, I would like to equip myself with academic knowledge, as well as first-person experience by playing a role in CU CHAMPION outreach services. Hopefully, through organizing the services hand-in-hand with my internal team fellows, I can reach out to those in need and train my interpersonal skills, and be a better me. 

School / Year: Pharmacy / 3

College: Chung Chi College

Hobbies: Outdoor activities, Film, Music 


So Ho Yin, Steven (Phone Reassurance for Elderly Project)

As a B. Pharm student, the importance of effective communication is always emphasized. Through joining the core team of CU CHAMPION, it provides me a direct pathway to get in touch and utilize my knowledge to make dedication for society. Moreover, working as an internal team member allows me to build up a solid base foundation in career development.


School / Year: Pharmacy / 3

College: Lee Woo Sing College

Hobbies: Eating, Sleeping, Be a fai ching :o 


Chan Tsz Yin, Jennifer (Phone Reassurance for Elderly Project)

As a medical student, I would like to utilise my knowledge to serve the society, especially the underprivileged. Through participating in different outreach services, not only would I enhance my sense of empathy and train up my communication skills, but also gain deeper insights into the needs of the vulnerable groups in the society. In this way, more comprehensive outreach services can be designed to cater their needs. CU Champion provides me with a platform to join different volunteering activities, and also to give a helping hand to those in need amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.


School / Year: Medicine / 2

College: Wu Yee Sun College 

Hobbies: Watching dramas, reading, travelling


Wu Hui Yue, Kennie (Phone Reassurance for Elderly Project)

As a year one medical student, I have a lot of passion in helping others. Knowing that here are still many underprivileged in this society, I would like to help out through the CU Champion Team, which provides valuable opportunities for us to reach out . It is important that we find ways connecting to them and understanding their needs. Constant health promotions and various functions like health checks are also crucial for the public to be more aware of different illnesses and ways of prevention. Being a member of the core team, it will be a precious opportunity for me to disseminate healthy and correct medical information to the public, especially to the elderly where online information may be misleading.


School / Year: Medicine / 2

College: Wu Yee Sun College 

Hobbies: Listening to music, Baking,Watching movies


Chung Wai Fung,Thomas (Teaching & Learning During Pandemic Project)

As a medical student, I mainly focus on the acquisition of fundamental knowledge of biomedical sciences in my preclinical years. Immersed in the piles and piles of lecture notes, I find myself seemingly beginning to forget that medicine is people-centred. CU Champion provides me an opportunity to collaborate with students from different disciplines of the Faculty of Medicine. Through means like outreaches, I believe I am able to apply what I have learnt to social services. CU champion is also a channel for me to grasp a more in-depth understanding of the roles and characteristics of other healthcare professionals that I am going to team with when I become a doctor.


As a Core Team member this year, I hope I can promote health knowledge in the community to enhance the health literacy of the general public, from the perspective of public health.


School / Year: Medicine / 3

College: Wu Yee Sun College 

Hobbies: Music, travelling


Cheung Yuen Yan, Ann (Phone Reassurance for Elderly Project)

The misuse of medications is very common among the elderly as they have more chronic diseases and are prescribed more medications. It is frequently seen that the old people are confused about the directions on the label or even store the drugs inappropriately. Therefore, I hope to join the outreach programs to organize a series of health talks and body check-up for the older adults. I wish to educate the public about the proper medication use and enhance patient compliance. 



School / Year: Pharmacy / 2

College: United College 

Hobbies: Drama, Piano, Sports


Wong Yan Yuet, Mandy (Health Stories & Fake News Prevention Project)

As a nursing student, I will work in different places to provide health care services to various people in the coming future. While becoming one of the members of CU Champion can bring a lot of valuable out-clinic experiences to me. I hope that I can broaden my horizons and learn more communication techniques by joining the voluntary works held by the CU Champion. As an internal team member, I hope that I can help the vulnerable groups in our society this year.


School / Year: Nursing / 2

College:Lee Woo Sing College

Hobbies:TV Drama, Reading


Lai Hiu Laam, Cindy (Phone Reassurance for Elderly Project)


Being a pharmacy student, I want to promote the roles of pharmacists to the general public in order to let more people benefit from pharmaceutical care services. Therefore, I hope to gain more authentic experiences to understand what patients need while taking part in organizing the CU CHAMPION outreach services, and introduce basic drug safety knowledge to the public, especially elderly patients with chronic diseases. Apart from the regular services of CU CHAMPION, I hope to make contribution in initiating new online services, providing different platforms for the public to reach professional and reliable medical knowledge. 


School / Year: Pharmacy / 2

College: Chung Chi College

Hobbies: Watching movies and dramas, cooking and baking

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