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Lam Hei Yiu, Jessie (Phone Reassurance for Elderly Project)

I have always wanted to share the drug and health knowledge I learnt from school to other people in our community. By joining the health-related voluntary work of CU CHAMPION, I wish to spend my leisure time meaningfully and provide care for the needy. Being an external team member, I also hope to polish my communication and collaboration skills, which are indispensable qualities of a future healthcare professional.   


School / Year: Pharmacy / 3

College: Wu Yee Sun College

Hobbies: Sports, Reading, Japanese culture


Luk Hiu Ching, Joey (Phone Reassurance for Elderly Project)

As a medical student, I always attend lessons in school but lack social experience. Being a member in CU CHAMPION, I can utilize the knowledge I acquired and reach out to the society. Through organizing various services and workshops, I can understand more about our community and be more compassionate. Cooperating with schoolmates of different majors, my communication skills and sense of responsibility can also be enhanced. I hope that this year of service will make me better prepared to be a future healthcare professional.

School / Year: Medicine / 2

College: New Asia College

Hobbies: listening to music, watching dramas, making desserts


Cheung Wai Lam, Kelly (Phone Reassurance for Elderly Project)

As a Core Team Member of CU CHAMPION, I work on event-planning with other team members prior to any social services. In the course of the collaboration, I would be given the chance to hone my organising and team-working skills which are prerequisites for any tasks in this day and age. Apart from developing my personal life-skills, this would provide me a precious opportunity to cooperate with students from other departments of the Faculty of Medicine, shedding light on my future career which will heavily involve joint efforts from different medical professionals. I would love to take advantage of such an opportunity to get along with new friends who share the same vision in serving the community.

School / Year: Medicine / 2

College: Wu Yee Sun College 

Hobbies: Music, Reading, Cookery


Sze Hiu Hei, Corliss (Teaching & Learning During Pandemic Project)

​As an external team member of CU Champion, my enthusiastic heart about serving people has never stopped beating. Working alone is indeed a great opportunity to explore one's own potential, working as a team is also indispensable. CU Champion offers me an opportunity to contribute to society by working with people from different disciplines and professionals. And I hope I can help the people in-need with the knowledge that I have learnt from my major.

School / Year: Public Health / 2

College: Shaw College

​Hobbies: Music


Cheung Ho Lun, TC (Health Stories & Fake News Prevention Project)

As a core team member of CU CHAMPION, I hope I can utilize my knowledge learnt in the lesson to contribute to our society by helping the underprivileged. Also, though working with other external team members, I hope we can extend our external service. This, not only, enables more students to participate in these meaningful activities, but also, providing more comprehensive service to our society, at the same time acquiring more related future studies and work.


School / Year: Pharmacy / 3

College: Lee Woo Sing College

Hobbies: music, japanese culture, video games

Chan Chun Lok, Patrick (Phone Reassurance for Elderly Project)

The undergraduate study of Biomedical Sciences mainly benefits students to develop a career in the aspect of research. However, apart from engaging in laboratory works, I would also like to reach out to the community and society. CU CHAMPION provides me an opportunity to contribute the society directly by organizing and participating community services. In this year, as a core team member, I hope I can utilize my knowledge to contribute and offer help to people in need in Hong Kong.


School / Year: Biomedical Sciences / 2

College: Chung Chi College

Hobbies: Travelling, drama series, movies

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