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Lee Yu Hong, Clement (Phone Reassurance for Elderly Project)

I would like to apply my biomedical knowledge to help and contribute to the community. CU CHAMPION provides me with the opportunity to reach patients and the underprivileged through community outreach services. I could promote community health and medication safety, and also help them to receive reliable medical information and services. I hope, in the research team, I could collect and analyze data to investigate the need of people from different walks of life. Accordingly, our team could provide the proper help to them. 


School / Year: Biomedical Sciences / 2

College: Chung Chi College

Hobbies: Travelling, movies


Wong Mei Ling, Liz (Phone Reassurance for Elderly Project)

I always want to make full use of the knowledge acquired in lessons, and put theory into practice. I am passionate about helping the underprivileged in the community because I can get a sense of satisfaction after I can see how our intervention can make a difference in their lives. I hope to look into the lives of people from different walks of life through designing questionnaires and analyzing the data collected from the elderly. I can explore deeper into the most urgent need of the underprivileged, which in turns allows us to adjust our intervention and maximize the effectiveness of intervention. Therefore, I always think the research part of the programme is meaningful and important.  


School / Year: Medicine / 2

College: United college 

Hobbies : painting, watching dramas and variety shows


Fung Mong Yung (Phone Reassurance for Elderly Project)

During my high school life, I have participated in a number of volunteering works, such as organizing Chinese tutorial lessons for South Asians and participating in overseas service trips. Throughout these experiences, I realized volunteering not only brings happiness to others, but also enhanced my soft skills including communication and collaborative ability. As a core member of the CUChampion, I strive to offer help to the underprivileged and utilize the medical knowledge acquired to raise public awareness on health issues such as drug safety, mental health etc.  


School / Year: Medicine / 2

College: Morningside College

Hobbies: Music (Piano, cello)


Lee Yan Tung, Astor (Phone Reassurance for Elderly Project)

I love to reach out to more of the outside world, and I have always hoped that I could use my power to help others. Through CU Champion, I hope to participate in various services for different people, like by providing health checks to the elderly or promoting to the public about the medical facts. I chose to join the research team where we can improve what we can do and offer better help on what they really need. Either being a student from medical faculty or a member of this community, I believe I have the responsibility to contribute and I am glad to have a chance here. 


School / Year: Medicine / 2

College: Shaw college 

Hobbies : Sports (e.g. swimming, scuba diving), Piano, Hea


Mok Ho Yi, Fay (Medical Abbreviation References for Synchronous-learning Project)

As a Public Health student, I often ponder the complicated relationships between health and the diverse details of life. CU CHAMPION is, therefore, the perfect platform for students from different health-related majors to recognize the needs of people at first hand via direct contact with people in outreach services. Being one of the members of Research Team, I am grateful to have the opportunity to conduct research on health-related topics, thus understand the need of the society from another perspective. I believe, not only does CU CHAMPION provide chances for connecting and exchanging thoughts on society and health with other students, but also enrich my research experiences, medical knowledge and communication skills, which are vital for preparing myself for work, research or life-long learning in the future.


School / Year: Public Health / 3

College: Chung Chi College

Hobbies: music, hiking, learning different languages


Ng Sammi (Medical Abbreviation References for Synchronous-learning Project)

​As a student of CUHK, Faculty of Medicine, I had a lot of passion towards my profession, and aimed for perfection. And CU CHAMPION provided a chance for me to gain in-depth understanding of patients, collaborate with peers from other medical professions, and enhance my skills in communicating with different service targets, through workshops, e-learning platform and community services.

As for being a member of the Research team, I hope I can cooperate with my teammates and work for CU CHAMPION. Also, I hope to learn more professional medical knowledge in order to pave the way for my future.

School / Year: Public Health / 3

College: Lee Woo Sing College

Hobbies: Drawing, reading, video games

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