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Au Yeung Tsz Fung, Gordon (Resource Team Leader)


I wish to get familiar with students from different departments, and raise my experience in organizing activities as a team.


Additionally, I would like to hold a range of worthwhile events for university and high school students, and convey healthcare and medical information to more and more people.


School / Year: Pharmacy / 2


College: United College


Hobbies: Watching movies, Reading novels, Listening to music


Luk Mei Shum, Sammy (Resource Team Member)


Starting from Year One as a volunteer, I have noticed how this outreach service has helped those elderly who really needed help and care. And most of the time, they expressed their gratitude to us when the service came to an end. Although I did not contribute much, I still had a feeling of satisfaction. I wish to step further by participating in the organization and preparation of the outreach events, so I decided to be part of the Core Team.


I wish to improve the sessions to be more faultless and smooth, and also expand our service targets and areas, so as to allow more people to benefit from it.


School / Year: Pharmacy / 2


College: Lee Woo Sing College


Hobbies: Watching movies, Western calligraphy


Yip Pak Ki (Resource Team Member)


If you ask me why I decide to join CU Champion’s Core Team, the main reason is for me to go one step forward. When I volunteered to be CU Champion last year, I became aware of the lack of understanding of medications of a large population (especially the elderly). For example, many store their medications in the fridge (Note: not all drugs can be put in low temperature!); or, people tend to store drugs in their drawers for unexpected needs (There are many causes of a certain disease, and not every drug is suitable for each situation, or they may already expire.). Through education and consultations, people can understand the mistakes they have made, and more importantly the mistakes are prevented them from happening repeatedly, which I believe is very meaningful. Therefore, I wish to become part of the Core Team and try to find out whether there is any room of improvement in each outreach session from the perspective of an organizer. I also will like to encourage university students to step into the society and help those in need.


As part of the core team, I wish to make a change to the society with my limited power. For the public, raising their knowledge levels by health checks, consultation and education; for the university, encouraging students to join voluntary work and share their experiences, so that they will be more willing to use their knowledge to help others. These can raise the public’s understanding of medical issues, and lower the risk of accidents.


School / Year: Pharmacy / Year 2


College: C.W. Chu College


Hobbies: Listening to Music, Language, Cycling


Liao Jing Ting, Victoria (Resource Team Member)


Last year, I came into contact with many elderly by stepping into the community through joining the summer outreach sessions. Being inspired by the importance of drug safety and community health as a promoted CUChampion, I was dedicated to join the Core Team, through which I would like to spread Chinese medicine knowledge to a wider population through social events. Furthermore, I look forward to collaborating with students from various disciplines, so as to prepare myself for working in a multi-disciplinary healthcare system.


I also would like the general public to understand more drug safety and community health, university and high school volunteers to become conscious of the practical medical needs, and finally myself to further recognize the importance, status and roles of Chinese medicine from the perspective of the general public.


School / Year: Chinese Medicine / 2


College: Lee Woo Sing College


Hobbies: Reading, Listening to Music, Baking

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