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Ngai Tsz Ching, Tiffany (External Team Leader)


In the past, I had led high school students as a mentor and taken various posts in CUChampion’s outreach sessions. These experiences have aspired me to further reach out, serve and give back the society with what I have learnt, and this is the reason why I have decided to join the Core Team.


As all the members of CUChampion came from different disciplines, I wish to expand my horizons and knowledge on public health through interchanging ideas with them. In addition, I hope we can spread information on drug safety and healthcare to the general public, and raise their awareness on health issues.


School / Year: Chinese Medicine / 4


College: Lee Woo Sing College


Hobbies: Ice-skating, Gym, Dancing


Yiu Lok, Catherine (External Team Member)


I had once thought being a nurse could be boring, and even questioned myself if I was suitable for this job. Therefore, I have taken part in various social healthcare events in order to find my direction and understand more about the community’s health problems. Gradually, I had started to enjoy and love volunteering, my community and my future profession.  When I received the CUChampion’s Core Team recruitment e-mail, I was very thrilled, and told myself I had to become part of them so as to follow my own passion.


Apart from community centres, CUChampion also holds health promotion events at local secondary schools. I wish to share my passion and experiences to the new generation by getting in touch with them, in the hope that they can catch sight of our community’s health, especially the elderly’s. Also, I hope I can do the same to the public on disease prevention and drug safety. We have to know the ageing of population is a major challenge in the coming decades, and for us to overcome it easily, the society needs people’s suitable understanding and awareness of healthcare; this will be one of my targets in CUChampion apart from using my knowledge throughout the year.


School / Year: Nursing / 3


College: Lee Woo Sing College


Hobbies: Drawing, Photography, Hand-crafts


Chau Hiu Ying, Annette (External Team Member)


As a nursing student, a large amount of information on pathology was lectured in our courses. However, apart from practical sessions, we rarely had the opportunity to get in touch with patients. Accordingly, I anticipated to join CuChampion with the expectation to gain a deeper understanding of patients, provide health and drug safety education for them, and apply my knowledge to practical situations. On the other hand, working with the members of CuChampion who came from different programmes of the Faculty of Medicine of The Chinese University of Hong Kong allows me to boost my communication skills, and this is also advantageous to my future work life in the multi-disciplinary healthcare team.


Apart from providing health and drug safety education, I am more eager to know more about the medical needs of the elderly, so as to provide better and more thoughtful treatment and care. I also wish to increase my knowledge on other healthcare aspects through communicating with the students from other medical disciplines, so as to work as a team and provide mutual help to each other in the future with more effective medical and rehabilitation services for patients.


School / Year: Nursing / 3


College: United College


Hobbies: Watching movies, Listening to music, Mountain climbing


Wong Sum Yu, Avery (External Team Member)


Besides taking the chance to apply the knowledge learnt from the lessons to serve the public, I also wish to apprehend the needs of the aged, so as to provide more considerate medical services to patients when I become a member of the medical industry. Furthermore, CUChampion is an organisation comprising different disciplines from the Faculty of Medicine. Through sharing ideas and cooperating with students from different majors, we can provide more diversifying information and education to the public.


I hope I can provide health information with more diversity and raise the elderly’s understanding of healthcare using my limited knowledge and power. At the same time, I would like to encourage my peers to join voluntary work, and share the rewards we have gained. Also, there is a greater emphasis on team work in current medical advancements (e.g. combinations of Chinese and Western medicine, pharmacist providing medication advices), and so I wish to push forward the exchange of different disciplines, and enhance students’ understanding of various medical aspects, so as to provide appropriate and effective services for the patients in the future.


School / Year: Medicine / 2


College: S.H. Ho College


Hobbies: Listening to music, Reading, Running


Leung Ka Yee, Kathy (External Team Member)


In the summer of 2017, I partook CuChampion’s Summer Outreach and performed health checks and consultations for the elderly in different posts. In the meantime, I have started to reach out to this aged group and apprehended that they still have many health and use of drug problems. Henceforth, I determined to be part of CuChampion’s Core Team; I believe through coordinating services personally with our members, I can educate the general public with healthcare topics with the application of my own knowledge, and simultaneously they will recognise relevant health issues.


From the past services and day-to-day experiences, I have realised the fact that the public misconception about the pharmacy profession remains high, as many still have the false impression that pharmacists are only responsible for dispensing.  As a matter of fact, they provide not only recommendations to healthcare colleagues, but also consultation to patients on proper use of medications, that considerably raises treatment efficiency and patients’ safety. As a member of the Core Team, I have the desire to promote my future profession by publicising its scope and expertise of pharmacists, so that we can contribute more in serving the public and healthcare system.


School / Year: Pharmacy / 2


College: United College


Hobbies: Listening to music, Oil painting


Tam Yung Tak, Raymond (External Team Member)


During Year 1, I took part in CuChampion’s outreach events, in which I realized there were indeed many elderly who needed help, care and attention from us. At the same time, I was surprised by the huge scale of CuChampion. Therefore, I really hope I can participate in this organization in the four years of my university life, giving a hand to the needy overlooked by the society with what I have learnt.


I wish I can apply my own knowledge to help those in need. As a pharmacy student, I long for promoting drug safety and the roles of pharmacists in the community. I also look forward to communicating with the participants in the outreach sessions, and listen to the story of each and every one.


School / Year: Pharmacy / 2


College: Shaw College


Hobbies: Swimming, Mountain climbing, Skiing, Travelling


Yim Chak Hing, Alan (External Team Member)


I hope for an opportunity to work with students from different disciplines in the Faculty of Medicine.


I also would like to know more students from the faculty, and successfully hold this year’s outreach services through collaborating with them.


School / Year: Nursing / 3


College: Chung Chi College


Hobbies: Cycling

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