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Leung Ka Hei, Anthony (Internal Team Leader)


Hong Kong is facing a serious problem of ageing population. Many hidden health issues and drug safety problems remain unsolved. I am participating in CU Champion as I want to cope with such problems. I enjoy volunteering and I truly care about the society. CU Champion gives me an excellent chance to reach my goal.


As a pharmacy student, I would like to educate the public about medication safety and common chronic diseases. As the internal team leader, I believe I can introduce new ideas into the entire team, and hold more different kinds of volunteer activities.


School / Year: Pharmacy / 2


College: United College


Hobbies: Reading books, volunteering


Cheung Sze Lok, Jenny (Internal Team Member)


I have always enjoyed volunteering. It gives me the chance to help the disadvantaged, bring happiness to others, reach out to different groups, hear different stories, and finally satisfy myself. Core team not only allows me to participate in volunteer activities related to my subject, but also gives me the opportunity to organize volunteer activities, lead other students with the same mindset to help those in need, and feel the joy of preparatory works and outreach services.


I would like to bring new ideas to the team, and make use of the knowledge I have learnt to serve the community and raise the public awareness of health and medication safety.


School / Year: Medicine / 2


College: S.H. Ho College


Hobbies: Dancing


Tsang Tsz Yan, Ivy (Internal Team Member)


Last year, I participated in the outreach services held by CU CHAMPION as a volunteer. I had the opportunity to conduct simple health checks and talk with the elderly. I really enjoyed seeing elders’ interesting sides, and listening to their life anecdotes. This year, I would like to reach out to more elderly and continue to help them, but in a new identity.


I sincerely wish that I could see the smiling faces of the elderly by organizing outreach activities. I will strive to serve those in need in the community.


School / Year: Pharmacy / 2


College: S.H. Ho College


Hobbies: Watching comics, reading novels, listening to music, cycling


Mak Wing Yan, Vivian (Internal Team Member)


Since I joined the outreach services held by CU CHAMPION in the last summer, I have been deeply interested in such kind of outreach services. This year, I would like to help organize more outreach services in the summer so that more elders could benefit from our services. I would like to teach them the correct drug information, so that they would pay more attention to health issues. Ultimately, I could contribute to the society.


I hope that CUHK students could actively participate in our outreach services and communicate with the elders. Through outreach services, people who need appropriate medical referrals should be identified early. I also wish to promote the importance of pharmacists in the community.


School / Year: Pharmacy / 2


College: Shaw College


Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, singing, traveling


Lee Mei Shan, Meko (Internal Team Member)


The main reasons I joined CU CHAMPION is that I would like to contact with students from different disciplines, and promote CU CHAMPION both inside and outside of the school as a nursing student.


In this year, I will try my best to promote CU CHAMPION as a Core Team Member. I also hope to gain acquaintance with more students from the Faculty of Medicine and work along with them in volunteer activities.


School / Year: Nursing / 3


College: Shaw College


Hobbies: Running, walking, doing sports


Tsai Yan Yung, Nicole (Internal Team Member)


I participated in the outreach services of CU CHAMPION in the past, and I really enjoyed chatting with the elderly, which I benefited a lot from it. This year, I would like to continue to serve those in need and apply what I have learnt.


Through CU CHAMPION, I could serve the elderly in the community, answering their health concerns, and correct the public's misunderstanding of Chinese medicine.


School / Year: Chinese medicine / 4


College: Wu Yee Sun College


Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, running, doing sports


Yu Pui Yan, Phoebe (Internal Team Member)


The CU CHAMPION Core Team provides me with opportunities to serve different people in the community, so that I can truly understand the needs of the public. This could definitely make me a better nurse in the future. In addition to participating in outreach services, I will also be responsible for coordinating different outreach services. As a Core Team member, I can also meet with people from different aspects, such as high school students joining CHAMP 2018 and other students from the Faculty of Medicine.


I hope that I can be friends of the elders that we serve, rather than just a student helper who perform health checks for them. For some elders and chronically ill patients, they are unwilling to complain about their difficulties with those around them as they think that this may add burden to them. Besides helping them stay healthy, I wish that we can actually be friends and we could share our joys and sorrows. In addition, I hope that I can help expanding our services, such as helping the ethnic minorities or the low-income families.


School / Year: Nursing / 1


College: United College


Hobbies: Reading books, watching TV series, chatting with friends :D

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