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Leung Wing Kit, Marco (Research Team Leader)

I participated in CU CHAMPION as this program allows me to apply my knowledge during outreach services. I also enjoy working with students from other disciplines of the Faculty of Medicine.


I want to meet with students from different disciplines and understand how outreach services can help the elders from different aspects.


School / Year: Nursing / 3


College: New Asia College


Hobbies: Doing sports, Hiking


Yu Hiu Laam, Tammy (Research Team Member)


I have long been engaging in community activities. By participating in volunteer services, it gives me a sense of success and opportunities to know more about the society. CU CHAMPION gives me the chance to participate in the preparation works of volunteer services. Being a CU CHAMPION Core Team member, it allows me to view volunteer services from another angle.


I hope to provide the public, especially those who are in desperate need, with free health services. Through outreach services, I wish to promote the correct information about medication safety and health so as to promote public health.


School / Year: Pharmacy / 2


College: New Asia College


Hobbies: Drawing, Reading


Chan Wing Tung, Artemis (Research Team Member)


I joined the Core Team as I want to reach out to more communities in Hong Kong and provide them with correct health and drug information. As a future pharmacist, I also wish to promote the roles of pharmacists through the events held by CU CHAMPION.


I hope I can be a good leader and lead the student volunteers to excel in every volunteer service. In addition, I would like to let the public to know more about the pharmacy profession and its function.


School / Year: Pharmacy / Year 2


College: United College


Hobbies: Reading, Drawing, Swimming


Chau Hiu Yeung, Hubert (Research Team Member)


I wish to help more elders through participating in outreach services. Also, I wish to provide better services to the elderly.


School / Year: Nursing / 3


College: Lee Woo Sing College


Hobbies: Listening to Music

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