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Summer Outreach 2015

Summer Outreach 2015  


Period        : July 4 to September 5 (Saturdays)

Venues      : Elderly Community Centers (Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, N.T)

Time          : 12noon to 6pm

Target        : Senior citizens (60 years or older)


Between July 4 to September 5, CU CHAMPION conducted a 10 weeks outreach service program : Summer Outreach 2015, which aimed at raising awareness of Medication Safety, Health Promotion, AF, and Fall Prevention among elders in Hong Kong. 205 student volunteers, along with 57 pharmacy and nursing alumni visited 26 elderly community centers, and served 1,548 elders in urban and rural areas of Hong Kong. Beside transferring knowledge about medication safety and health education to the elders, the outreach service also improved the students’ understanding in geriatric care and their communication skills with elders. In addition, health and life style survey, drugs recording, glucose, blood pressure, ECG, Body Mass Index (BMI) monitoring, and medication safety education were conducted for each elderly participant in each outreach session. Registered pharmacists also provided drug counseling and suggestions to improve elders’ attitudes toward medication. 


From October 2015 to March 2015, CU CHAMPION student volunteers and registered pharmacists will conduct follow up interviews with some of the Summer Outreach 2015 elders who were identified having fall risk, medication problems, and atrial fibrillation. The team will provide medication safety education, and specialist referral to these elders. 


Student Volunteers Recruitment:

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