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Aiming to provide medical related knowledge through an interesting way, MARSCUHK is an online learning platform about medical abbreviation. CU CHAMPION hopes to make the complex and difficult medical abbreviations to become lucid with the aids of meme and images, so as to enhance the public's interest and understanding of medical abbreviations.


Taking advantage of the social media trend among youngsters, memes (funny graphics or videos that express a culturally relevant idea) are also created by students and posted on the MARS website, Instagram account and CU CHAMPION Facebook page.


This year, CU CHAMPION will continue to expand our database of medical abbreviations. With a search engine that includes various medical abbreviations, as well as the study card and question bank function, learners from different streams can easily find the information they need and consolidate what they have learnt by going through the self exercises.

Click HERE to visit MARSCUHK's medical abbreviations database.


Medical Abbreviation References for Synchronous-learning by The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

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