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Law Jing Tsi (Nicola)

Research Team member (2017)

Major: Nursing

Year of Study: 4

College: United College



Being a nurse is my dream since I was small. That's why I work hard in order to become a nursing student now. Being a nursing student not only makes me equipped with the knowledge, but also provided me with a chance to serve the community. This is why I join the core team to serve the community.

Mission Statement

As a nursing student, I joined the core team because I want to apply what I learnt in the lesson to serve the people in the community. CU CHAMPION not only provided me with a chance to practice what I learnt but also helps to prevent disease and promoting health messages in the community. And as a year 4 student, I would like to be a facilitator of the event rather than just joining the event organised by others. I would like to take more initiative to help to organise the events so that I can learn more through the process and this could benefit me in my future career.

Hobbies and Interests 


Watching medical videos, reading

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