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Man Shing Hin (Jeffrey)

Internal Team member (2017)

Major: Pharmacy

Year of Study: 2

College: Chung Chi College


I am Jeffrey from internal team, a year 2 pharmacy student. I was the internal vice president of pharmacy society, that's why I like to chat with people. Find me if you want to chit-chat!

Mission Statement

Why do I join CU Champion Core Team? I have joined several CU Champion services since I was studying in year 1. I remembered that every elders were smiling all the time, and they were delighted because we went to visit them. Besides, they told me that  it is rare to have volunteers come and check their body conditions, such as weight, blood pressure, blood glucose level etc, and our service can let them understand their health condition which make them feel relieved.


Everyone should join this meaningful activity and be one of us. I believe you will get the pleasure from helping others!

Hobby and Interests


Other Experience

Internal Vice President of 2016 Pharmacy Society, CUSU

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