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Tsai King Yung (Ivan)

Resource Team Leader (2017)

Major: Chinese Medicine

Year of Study: 5

College: SH Ho College


Hi, I am Ivan, a fifth year student studying Chinese Medicine. Although many people are familiar with the name Chinese Medicine, its mechanism seems to be a myth. During my past years of study, I am often asked ‘what does CM doctors do’ and ‘how does CM work’. I can hardly deliver a satisfactory answers to these questions, even for myself. I believe that CM works, but not in the way western science comprehend these days. Driven by my belief, I gradually develop my interest in integrated therapy and I wish to engage in researches of related disciplines in future.

Mission Statement

In recent years, there is an increasing trend for patients to seek help from Chinese Medicine. At the same time, misunderstanding and misuses of CM also increase. The effects of misuses can either be quick or slow, but people often do not figure out the reason. By joining CUCHAMPION, I would like to contribute my efforts by promoting proper understanding of CM to the society.

Hobbies and Interests​ 

Reading philosophy, cooking

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