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The 2021 project year continues CU CHAMPION's mission of serving the needy and providing health and medication related information to the public. Due to the pandemic, we have adopted a brand new approach of utilizing online platforms to carry out our outreach and educational programs. With 24 students taking up the role of core team members this year, CU CHAMPION is launching a series of activities starting from the new academic year, with the hope to spread care and warmth in our community.

​Project Year Period: 7 September, 2020 - 6 September, 2021

Core Team

Duties of Core Team include recruiting volunteers, coordinating knowledge transfer  activities, promoting health information and analysing service and research data.


Core Team 2020 - 2021 composes of 24 students from Medicine, Social Science and Science faculty. Team members are responsible to carry out their functional duties as Internal, External, Resource, and Research member in their assigned project groups. 






Phone Reassurance for Elderly Project
HPV Education Project
Medical Abbreviation References for Synchronous-learning by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (MARSCUHK)
Health Stories & Fake News Prevention Project
Research Project:
Teaching & Learning During Pandemic
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