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CUHK Community Health Summer Outreach Service 2017 (Summer Outreach) will be held from July to August. The activity aims to explain medication safety knowledge to community-dwelling elderly citizens and caregivers by students from Faculty of Medicine and Department of Social Work, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), as well as increasing their awareness towards common health disorders such as dementia, depression and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, we hope to enhance secondary school students’ understanding towards needs of the elderly, and train students to deliver health-related knowledge effectively.

About Summer Outreach 2017

During Summer Outreach, we will conduct health survey with service targets (community-dwelling elderly) to understand their habits in medication use, health conditions and mental health. At the same time, we will also perform blood glucose monitoring, Body Mass Index test, blood pressure measurement and basic electrocardiogram screening, accompanied by health education and medication safety promotion.

Date: 8th July to 26th August (on Saturdays)

Time: Morning, Afternoon, or Whole-day sessions

Venue: 40 elderly centres located in different districts of Hong Kong*

*There will be 5 groups of CU CHAMPION volunteers conducting outreach services in different venues every Saturday.


Core Team: mainly responsible for organizing and leading outreach activities throughout the year. Core Team comprises of four sub-teams, namely Internal Team, External Team, Resource Team and Research Team. For more information on respective team members and duties, please visit Core Team 2017.


CHAMPION: CUHK student volunteers who conduct health assessments and provide medication safety knowledge as well as health education to the elderly during outreach services.

Mentors: CUHK student volunteers who serve as seniors, lead Mentees during Summer Outreach and share their experiences in university life. Click here to view highlights of Champ 2016.


Mentees: Comprehensive Health Advocacy and Mentorship Program (Champ) participants, comprising of senior students from six secondary schools. By conducting outreach services with CUHK students, mentees acquire basic knowledge on elderly care and medication safety, and gain opportunities in exploring university life.


Healthcare Professionals: Practicing healthcare professionals including registered pharmacists, nurses and Chinese medicine practitioners, who offer professional consultation on medications and nursing care to the elderly. 

Eligibility for CHAMPION & Mentors

Students from different Departments* of the CUHK Faculty of Medicine and Department of Social Work are welcome to join!



1. Different Departments include undergraduate and postgraduate students from Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Gerontology, Chinese Medicine, Public Health and Biomedical Sciences.

2. Graduating students are also eligible for application.

3. Mentors are required to attend three sessions of Champ Workshop with Mentees and participate in outreach services together.

4. CHAMPION are required to attend one workshop and participate in at least two Summer Outreach sessions.


To ensure that Summer Outreach runs smoothly and efficiently, volunteers are required to participate in workshops organized by CU CHAMPION. In each workshop, we will introduce logistics and points to remark, teach elderly service skills and medication safety knowledge, and conduct case discussions.

Mentors and Mentees must attend the following three Champ Workshop sessions together:


13th May (Saturday) (10AM – 4:30PM)

20th May (Saturday) (10AM – 12:30PM)

24th June (Saturday) (10AM – 4:30PM)


CHAMPION volunteers must attend one of the following CHAMPION Workshop sessions:


20th May (Saturday) (2PM – 4:30PM); OR

17th June (Saturday) (10AM – 12:30PM); OR

17th June (Saturday) (2PM – 4:30PM)


*All workshops will take place in the CUHK campus.

e-Learning Platform

Teachers from various Departments will design online learning materials and publish them on the e-Learning Platform. Student volunteers can access these e-learning modules via two online platforms: Blackboard (for CUHK students) and KEEP Moodle (secondary school students).

Outreach Venues

Collaborating elderly centres are located throughout different districts of Hong Kong. Volunteers may indicate their preferences in dates and venues, and we will try our best to arrange outreach sessions according to the residential area of volunteers.


CHAMPION volunteers and Mentors may access Blackboard in late April and indicate their availability.

CU CHAMPION reserves the right to make the final decision with respect to the arrangements above.

​ ​ ​ ​ ​Enquiry:

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