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Health Literacy Community Workshops for Elderly

Program Introduction

Three High and Healthy Diet 

Currently, many Hong Kong elders have been facing the “Three Highs” problem, namely high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholesterol. Therefore, the “Three High and Healthy Diet” module in the HEAT workshop aims to promote healthy eating habits among elders  in an innovative way. The workshop encompasses daily examples of food traps and a mini-game of the food pyramid using common local food as examples, thereby instilling correct nutritional knowledge among elders to combat the three highs.


Medication Safety

It is inevitable that people at an older age would be suffering from different kinds of chronic diseases. In addition, most of them would have to take long-term medications and use various dosage forms. This potentially leads to  drug safety problems such as missed administration, drug interactions, etc. Therefore, “Medication Safety” aims to raise elders’ attention about the route and time of drug administration and teach them how to manage drugs safely. This workshop also aims to teach elders methods to cope with allergic reactions and side effects.


Use of Elderly Health Care Voucher

The Elderly Health Care Voucher (HCV) Scheme launched by the government since 2009 has helped elders in accessing quality healthcare by alleviating their financial burden. However, the terms and conditions of the HCV could be ambiguous. Most of the elders may not be aware of the channels that HCV could be used apart from private medical practitioners. The “Use of Health Care Voucher” would thus promote the proper usage of HCV, as well as sharing pitfalls and reminders while using HCV.


Prevention of Fake News

Fake news can be spread out quickly through social media apps. People tend to believe what they read and may not have the ability to distinguish whether the news is true or not. Therefore, “Prevention of Fake News” aims to teach elders methods in determining the authenticity of the news based on sources, authors, contents of the news, etc.

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