Outreach Services

Summer Outreach Service 2016

CUHK Community Health Summer Outreach Service 2016 will be held from July to August.


The service aims to promote medication safety, raise the awareness of dementia and atrial fibrillation to elderly, rehabilitants, and ethnic minority citizens. Furthermore, CU CHAMPION will work together with Champ (secondary school students) to prepare them for the demand of aging population by introducing the elders’ health needs, and medication problems.

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Health Questionnaire
  • Health assessment 

  • Drugs recording

  • Psychosocial survey

  • Dietary survey 

  • Chinese Medicine survey

Basic Health Check
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Body Mass Index test​
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Basic electrocardiogram screening
Health Education & Medication Safety Promotion
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Service Period:

9 July to 27 August, 2016 (on Saturdays)*


34 elderly & community service centres located in different districts of Hong Kong*

*Student volunteers can register their available outreach sessions on CU CATALYST 2016 (available on Blackboard in mid-May, 2016).

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All CUHK students from

  • Faculty of Medicine

  • Department of Social Work 

We need YOU to make a difference in community healthcare and medication safety!

Comprehensive Health Advocacy and Mentorship Programme

Secondary School students who wish to study in Faculty of Medicine programs

Volunteer Training:

Briefing & Workshops:

Volunteers must attend one of the following briefing workshops:

    A) June 25 (Saturday), 12:00 - 2:30PM, LT4, YIA, CUHK

    B) June 25 (Saturday), 3:00 - 5:30PM, LT4, YIA, CUHK

    C) July 2 (Saturday), 11:15 - 1:00PM, LT2, YIA, CUHK

All student volunteers will be enrolled on an e-learning platform called CU CATALYST 2016 on Blackboard (for CUHK volunteers), and KEEP (for secondary school volunteers).

The platform will provide materials to enrich students’ geriatric and medication safety knowledge in different perspectives.


Outreach Session 服務時段

Can I select outreach dates and locations? 我可否選擇出席服務時段和地點?

Student volunteers can register their available outreach sessions on CU CATALYST 2016 (available on Blackboard in mid-May, 2016). 已報名的同學能夠在五月中起登入Blackboard,進入CU Catalyst 2016網上學習平台,選擇能夠出席服務的日子。


Who are the members of CU CHAMPION? CU Champion外展隊有甚麼成員

Students, teachers, and alumni of CUHK Faculty of Medicine. As an inter-departmenal student outreach team, students, alumni, and teachers of different disciplines will work together to conduct health promotion and promote medication safety. CU Champion是一個跨學系的學生外展服務隊,由醫學院不同學系及社工系的師生及校友一同推廣藥物安全及健康訊息。

What have CU CHAMPION accomplished? CU Champion 過往已舉辦甚麼活動?

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Service Details 服務詳情

I want to know more about Summer Outreach 2016! 有沒有更多關於夏季社區外展服務2016的資料

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