CU CHAMPION 2021-2022


To build on the past, CU CHAMPION 2021 2021 project year will  continue to serve the society and provide the public with health and medication related knowledge. Due to the evolving COVID-19 public health situation, we have developed a new mode of service to carry out our outreach service and educational projects through online platforms. With the support of Core Team 2021-2022, CU CHAMPION will launch a series of activities to bring care and warmth to the community.

Our Featured

1. Phone Reassurance for Elderly Project (PREP)

CU CHAMPION will organize PREP project in this summer. Our service targets would be elders from different community centres. Regular phone calls will be carried out by CUHK students to help easing stress and loneliness of elders under COVID-19. 

Mobile Phone
  1. 3. Medical Abbreviation References for Synchronous-learning by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (MARSCUHK)

MARSCUHK is an online learning platform about medical abbreviation. It aims to convey the complex and difficult medical abbreviations to become lucid with the aids of memes and images, in order to enhance students’ interest and understanding of the abbreviations. Memes are created by our CU CHAMPION Core Team members and posted periodically on the platform's Instagram and CU CHAMPION's Facebook page.

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  1. 2. Translational Platform for Addressing & Solving Social-problems (T-Pass) 

The project aims to establish CUHK students’ social commitment to tackle elderlies’ life challenges in 4 areas:

a. Loneliness and Isolation,

b. Financial Burden,

c. Health & Diseases,

d. Difficulties in Using Health Services.

The project is going to make use of resources from CUHK to provide students experiences, and to catalyse their creativity to innovate new service and product to improve elders’ quality of life in the near future.

Holding a Book
  1. 4. Health Stories

Health Stories project group produces weekly stories for the public. Topics include but not limited to medication safety, diseases prevention, health policies, healthy lifestyle.

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Meet Our Core Team

CU CHAMPION Core Team 2021-2022 is an inter-disciplinary team consists of 21 students from Faculty of Medicines, Department of Social Work, and Food And Nutritional Sciences Program. Team members are dedicated to serve the community through organising 4 service learning, and knowledge transfer projects.


PREP Group

Keira Ng / Nursing Year 2


PREP Group

Jenny Leung/ Social Work Year 3


PREP Group

Cindy Lai/ Pharmacy Year 2


T-Pass Group

Yoyo Lie/ Nursing Year 1


T-Pass Group

Michael Chan/ Pharmacy

Year 2


MARS Group

Anson Au/Food & Nutritional Sciences Year 2


Health Stories Group

Rex Lee/ Pharmacy Year 2


PREP Group

Ruby Yuen/ Food & Nutritional Sciences Year 3


PREP Group

Leo Wong/ Medicine Year 3


T-Pass Group

Michelle Lee/ Pharmacy Year 2


T-Pass Group

Ben Chu/ Pharmacy Year 2


T-Pass Group

Amy Ting/ Pharmacy Year 1


MARS Group

Yan Cheung/ Food & Nutritional Sciences Year 2


Health Stories Group

Phoebe Yau/ Pharmacy Year 2


PREP Group

Michael Chan/ Medicine

Year 1


PREP Group

Shilo Tse/ Pharmacy Year 1


T-Pass Group

Jerry Chan/ Medicine Year 1


T-Pass Group

Debby Au/ Food & Nutritional Sciences Year 2


MARS Group

Sarah Chan/ Pharmacy Year 2


Health Stories Group

Michelle Sze-to/ Public Health Year 1


Health Stories Group

Billy Chan/ Food & Nutritional Sciences Year 2