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Clerkship Teams

The former groups of student leaders were called Clerkship Teams (2013 - 2015), which were formed by a group of Pharmacy students who were in their final year of study. They were mainly responsible for the Summer Outreach services during July and August.

Clerkship Team 2015

From left:

Anna Cheng (Pharmacy, Class of 2016)

Alex Wong (Pharmacy, Class of 2016)

Erica Yip (Pharmacy, Class of 2016)

Billy Wong (Pharmacy, Class of 2016)

Bethany Wong (Pharmacy, Class of 2016)

Clerkship Team 2014

From left:

Helen Ngo (Pharmacy, Class of 2015)

Wilson Chan (Pharmacy, Class of 2015)

Derrick Wong (Pharmacy, Class of 2015)

Rosanna Ip (Pharmacy, Class of 2015)

Jessica Yip (Pharmacy, Class of 2015)

Pinky Kwan (Pharmacy, Class of 2015)

Clerkship Team 2013

From left:

Vincent Wong (Pharmacy, Class of 2014)

Prof. Vivian WY Lee (Supervisor of CU CHAMPION)

Felix Fong (Pharmacy, Class of 2014)

Livia Ngai (Pharmacy, Class of 2014)

Kevin Kong (Pharmacy, Class of 2014)

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