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Translational Platform for Addressing & Solving Social-problems


Social problem solving challenge


Supported by Courseware Development Grant Scheme (2019-22)

About the project

To prepare for an ageing society, we aim at nurturing CUHK students to identify, recognise and address the challenges faced by the elderly in Hong Kong and develop innovative ideas to design service plan. Ultimately, it is hoped that students could improve the general well-being of elderly in Hong Kong with a positive attitude and an empathetic mindset.


 Proposal Contest 

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loneliness and isolation

financial burden

health & diseases

difficulties in using health services

Student participants will explore elders' challenges through:

documentaries & interview videos of elders and elderly service providers

Other learning materials on blackboard about geriatric care, elderly services & health topics

After reading the materials, students are required to:

Submit A Reflection

Form a Groups with 2 - 3 students from at least two disciplines

Submit a Proposal of a product or service to improve elders' lives

Any questions during the proposal development process?

Feel free to contact our...

Core Team





Certificates & $2000 Book Coupon

1st Runner-up: 

Certificates & $1600 Book Coupon

2nd Runner-up: 

Certificates & $1000 Book Coupon

After winning the contest, the proposal may gain exposures from...

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Student must attend

1 Zoom briefing session:

22 May 2021 (Sat)

11:00a.m. - 11:45a.m.


23 May 2021 (Sun)

11:00a.m. - 11:45a.m.

1 Online webinar:

10 July 2021 (Sat)

02:30p.m. - 03:30p.m.


Project Period


Please read before applying:

Deadline of Application:


Our Supervisors:


Prof. Vivian WY LEE

Supervisor, CU CHAMPION

Associate Professor,

Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research, 


Prof. Wallace Chan.jpg

Prof. Wallace CHAN

Associate Professor

Department of Social Work

Faculty of Social Science, CUHK

Prof Janita Chau_1564373005.png

Prof. Janita PC CHAU

Assistant Dean (Alumni Affairs)

Professor, The Nethersole School of Nursing

Faculty of Medicine, CUHK


Prof. May CHU

Assistant Professor, Department of Government and Public Administration, Faculty of Social Science, CUHK

prof amos tai.jpeg

Prof. Amos PK TAI

Associate Professor,

Earth System Science Program, Faculty of Science, 


Prof. YiJian.jpeg

Prof. Yijian YANG

Assistant Professor, Department of Sports Science and Physical Education, Faculty of Education, CUHK


Dr. Ann LAU

Principal Lecturer, Assistant Director (Undergraduate Education), Deputy Director, BSc in Biomedical Sciences Programme School of Biomedical Sciences Faculty of Medicine, CUHK


Ms. Peggy YIP

Lecturer School of Life Sciences Faculty of Science, CUHK