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In 2016, CU CHAMPION aims to promote medication safety, raise the awareness of dementia and atrial fibrillation to elderly, rehabilitants, and ethnic minority citizens. Furthermore, CU CHAMPION will introduce the elders’ health needs, and medication problems to secondary school students (Champ) to prepare them for the demand of aging population.


Student volunteers will be enrolled on an e-learning platform called CU CATALYST 2016 on Blackboard (for CUHK volunteers), and KEEP (for secondary school volunteers). The platform will provide materials to enrich students’ geriatric and medication safety knowledge in different perspectives.


July 9 to August 27, 2016 (Saturdays) 

Service Content

Volunteers will conduct the following services:

Health Questionnaire which involve:

   - Health assessment 

   - Drugs recording

   - Psychosocial survey

   - Dietary survey 

   - Chinese Medicine survey

Electrocardiogram and Blood Pressure Monitoring

Body Mass Index and Blood Glucose monitoring

Medication Safety and Health Education

Join Us!

All CUHK Faculty of Medicine, and Department of Social Work students are welcome to join Summer Outreach 2016. We need YOU to make a difference in community healthcare and medication safety!

Briefing Workshop

Volunteers must attend one of the following briefing workshops:

    A) June 25 (Saturday) , 12:00 - 2:30PM, LT4, YIA, CUHK

    B) June 25 (Saturday) ,   3:00 - 5:30PM, LT4, YIA, CUHK

    C) July    2 (Saturday) ,  11:15 - 1:00PM, LT2, YIA, CUHK


Q. Can I select outreach dates and locations?

A. Student volunteers can register their available outreach sessions on CU

    CATALYST 2016 (available on Blackboard in mid-May, 2016).


Q. I want to know more about Summer Outreach 2016 :

A.  SURE! Click here to read more.


Q. Who are the members of CU CHAMPION? 

A.  Students, teachers, and alumni of CUHK Faculty of Medicine.


     As an inter-departmenal student outreach team, students, alumni,                and teachers of different disciplines will work together to conduct                  health promotion and promote medication safety.


Q. What have CU CHAMPION accomplished ?

A.  Click here to see our previous outreach services. 


Q. I have other questions about the Summer Outreach 2016 :

A.  If you can't find your answers here, please:

       - send us an email at :

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