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Yeung Yat Yin, Phoenix   (Resource Team Leader)

CHAMPION Workshops Team Member. Partners' Services Team Member.

NT East District Member.

It is my honor to be able to become a member of CU CHAMPION Core Team. Being able to meet different people from different fields is one of the reasons that I applied for the team. I hope that by joining the team, I would be able to work with different people and develop a strong inter-professional sense, which is necessary to providing good health services for the patients. Also, being a pharmacy students, I have the responsibility to promote the role of pharmacist in the community.

This is because I have noticed that many citizens have stigmatized pharmacists of being solely responsible for dispensing  medications. But in the reality,  pharmacists also have done a lot to ensure patient's safety and wellness (e.g. counter-checking prescriptions,  developing  new and safe drugs, promote health awareness etc.). I believe that by being a core team member, I would be able to let more people in the community to know more about us.

School / Year: Pharmacy / 3

College: Lee Woo Sing College

Hobbies: Running, watching movies and youtube videos


Hung Wing Lam   (Resource Team Member)

HEAT Assistant Team Leader. Recuirt Team Member. HK Island Team Member.

Last summer, I participated in CU CHAMPION’s outreach programme, and I found that many elderly have misconceptions of the correct usage and storage of medications. Therefore, I decided to be a part of the Core Team. I hope that I can educate the elderly by providing correct medical and health information, and also to promote the role of pharmacists.

School / Year: Pharmacy / 3


College: Wu Yee Sun College

Hobbies: Music, movies, travelling


Leung Sin Lok, Joshua   (Resource Team Member)

CHAMPION Workshops Team Member. Champ Workshops Team Member. SSP Team Assistant Team Leader.

Health and drug related problems are very common among elderly. After last year's summer outreach experience, I realized the need of providing support for the elderly patients to raise their awareness and change their health condition.


Therefore, as a pharmacy students, I really hope that I could help and also improve myself to be a professional and passionate pharmacist in the future.

School / Year: Pharmacy / 3

College: Shaw College

Hobbies: Music, piano, movies


Wan Chun Yu, Jerry   (Resource Team Member)

Champ Workshops Team Assistant Team Leader. Fall & Winter Team Member.

NT West District Member.

As a future medical professional, there is utmost importance for me to be proactive in community health services. CU CHAMPION gives me the greatest chance to serve our community through health check and consultations. I also wanted to raise my experience in organizing various activities, this crew provides a great stepping stone for me to understand how to organize a systemic health outreach. Besides, I am fond of meeting new comrades in the university, Core team is a great way to go therefore.

As a part of the Core Team, I would like to devote what I have to my team members as well as the general public. I hope one day the general public can understand more about the rationale behind this medication and lower the risk of accidents through the methodologies in Chinese Medicine. 

School / Year: Chinese Medicine / 2


College: Wu Yee Sun College

Hobbies: Music, guitar, photography

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