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Goh Zhen Hao, Jacky (Internal Team Leader)

HEAT Member. Recruit Team Member. SSP District Member.

Being a student from the School of Pharmacy, I am curious of how the medical knowledge could be applied for the benefit of mankind. The most direct way is to get involved in community service and know the situations from different walks of life. CU CHAMPION provides me with a platform in making contributions to solve health issues and drug safety problems in the society.

Through taking up the role of Internal Team leader, I hope that my social aspirations could be brought in practice with innovative insights with my team members, thereby bringing positive social outcomes through a hybrid of professionalism and compassion.

School / Year: Pharmacy / 3

College: Lee Woo Sing College

Hobbies: Extreme sports (e.g. skydiving, scuba diving), video games


Chu Lap Ting, Gillian (Internal Team Member)

HEAT Member. Champ Workshops Team Member. NT West District Member.

Last year, I participated the summer outreach held by CU CHAMPION as a volunteer. Through the services, I found that quite a number of elderly people are living alone and need help from others. Most of them don't know much about the roles of pharmacists while CU CHAMPION gives us a chance to show loving care  to them and teach them all about pharmacists and medication safety.

As a Core Team member, I would like to devote myself to organizing these meaningful outreach services and share what I have learnt with the public.

School / Year: Pharmacy / 3

College: Shaw College

Hobbies: Singing, manga


Sze Yuk Ching, Samuel (Internal Team Member)

HEAT Member. CHAMPION Workshops Team Member. Kowloon District Member.

Volunteering is both a meaningful and rewarding activity. Volunteering for CU CHAMPION to increase others' health knowledge and potentially improving their quality of time would possibly be the most meaningful thing I could do to the society. I want to use the knowledge I equipped to serve different organizations and individuals and I want to enjoy the upcoming year doing service with my peers.

As a public health student, I want to spread health knowledge and clarify common health misconceptions to the general public using my meagre power and influence. I hope that by doing so their life will be improved, and they could lead a healthy lifestyle with a big smile on their face.

School / Year: Public Health / 3

College: Shaw College

Hobbies: Reading, Piano, Music


Sit Fu Wan, Grace (Internal Team Member)

Memida Team Assistant Team Leader. Fall & Winter Team Member. SSP District Member.

I am glad that I can be part of the Core Team this year. In the following year, we will cooperate with different organizations and organize numerous events to help people in need, and also to increase the understanding of the society on their situation and needs through this, and encourage more people to lend a helping hand.

Moreover, I am grateful that I can be friends with other students from different disciplines of the Faculty of Medicine, but with the same vision. In the coming year, we will try our best to utilize our knowledge into organizing different kinds of events for providing service to the people in need.

School / Year: Biomedical Science / 3

College: United College

Hobbies: Hiking, Travelling


Hui Yee Yan, Ivah  (Internal Team Member)

Recuirt Team Member. Partners' Services Team Member. NT East District Leader.

As a medical student, I always hope to make good use of the basic medical knowledge I have learned to help the needy in the community. Joining CU CHAMPION not only provides me with the chance to participate in different medicine-related outreach services but also allows me to lead more CUHK schoolmates and secondary students to serve the community, which is greatly meaningful. Joining the team also motivates me to study hard and serve the community actively.
Being a freshman of the Faculty of Medicine, joining and organizing community outreach programmes of CU CHAMPION provide me with precious chances to serve different groups of citizens and understand their needs. Also, I hope to cooperate with schoolmates from different disciplines, join hands and make our best endeavor to serve the community.


School / Year: Medic / 2

College: Chung Chi College

Hobbies: Music, jogging


Lee Oi Yi, Toby  (Internal Team Member)

Recruit Team Assistant Leader. Champ Workshops Team Member. HK Island District Member.

CU CHAMPION allowed me to serve different people in the community as a medical student during university, and also allowed me to participate in the co-ordination. I can therefore have a rare experience and prepare better before becoming a registered nurse. At the same time, I hope to reach out and know more students from medical schools, so that more people can become volunteers and serve the society together.

I hope that I can learn different medical knowledge and communication skills during different outreach services. In addition to making college students and elders aware of CU CHAMPION, I hope more CUHK students can participate in CU Champion volunteer services. 

School / Year: Nursing / 2

College: Chung Chi College

Hobbies: Music, singing, travelling

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