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CU CHampion 21-22

CU CHAMPION Core Team 2021-2022 is an interprofessional team consists of 21 students from Faculty of Medicines, Department of Social Work, and Food And Nutritional Sciences Program. Team members are dedicated to serve the community through organising 4 service learning, and knowledge transfer projects.

Highlighted Projects of CU CHAMPION


The project service targets would be elders from different community centres. Regular phone calls will be carried out by a group of trained CUHK students to help easing stress and loneliness of elders under COVID-19. 

Service Learning Projects
Under COVID-19 - PREP
Champion workshop 3.jpeg

The project is going to make use of resources from CUHK to provide students experiences, and to catalyse their creativity to innovate new service and product to improve elders’ quality of life in the near future.

Innovation Projects to Tackle Social Problems - TPASS
Prevent DM.jpg

CU CHAMPION's Core Team member are encouraged to initiated their own service learning projects with the help from our supervisors. It is our pleasure to be granted by I-Care Fund by CUHK for two projects.

Students' Self Initiated
Service Projects - Healing Companion
Screenshot 2021-03-31 at 12.03.33 PM.png

CU CHAMPION's Core Team member are equipped with health knowledge. We post periodically on the Instagram and Facebook page of CU CHAMPION to help transmitting correct health information to the public.

Knowledge Transfer

Highlighted IPE Course - PHAR2018


Interprofessional Education


This course focuses on discussing the elderly’s health and drug-related problems as an interprofessional healthcare team. The goal is to equip our students to be ready for a rapidly changing health service environment, and facilitate their understanding of interprofessional collaboration locally and internationally.
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