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Yiu Lok, Catherine  (External Team Leader)

Recruit Team Member. Media Team Member. SSP Team Member.

Hi guys, it's me again. I am Catherine, a year 4 nursing student. I was an external team member last year. This year, I will continue to give all my best to our community.

School / Year: Nursing / 5

College: Lee Woo Sing College

Hobbies: Sports, drawing, music, anime


Ma Hiu Laam, Luffy  (External Team Member)

Recruit Team Leader. Fall & Winter Team Member. SSP Team Member.

Academic pressure has kept me focus on the knowledge written on every textbook that I read. However, I figured out that as a medical student who aimed to devote himself or herself to the health care industry should not only understand the medical theories. But also knowing the current situation in Hong Kong or future workplace, as we serve people in healthcare need and we should consider the entire healthcare system in Hong Kong. Therefore, I believed that CU CHAMPION can provide a precious opportunity for me to look deeper into the society problems and the need of those who often being ignored.

Apart from being a volunteer of the team, I would prefer a core team member as it allows me to master various communication skills when talking to different community centres and other important reminders when organising an activity. And these experiences would probably be an irreplaceable memory in my university life.

School / Year: Biomedical Science / 3

College: United College

Hobbies: Playing Sports, reading comics, talking to others


Leung Chak Yin, Justin  (External Team Member)

HEAT Leader. CHAMPION Workshops Team Member. Kowloon District Member.

What's next?

After numerous examinations, this question had bothered me a lot. Fortunately, my seniors introduced CU Champion to me, an organization that provides countless opportunities to apply the knowledge learnt in class to serve the public. I also like the idea that CU Champion is composed of students from different disciplines of Faculty of Medicine, allowing me to meet different people and to provide a more holistic care towards the targeted groups.  

This year, as a Core Team member of CU Champion, I hope that I could continue the legacy that our seniors have built, to serve the general public with care and passion. In particular, through the newly established HEAT programme, I hope that we could improve both youngsters' and elderlies' health literacy, contributing to a better and healthier Hong Kong. 

School / Year: Medic / 3


College: Wu Yee Sun College

Hobbies: Music, photography


Kung Shuk Yi, Shirley  (External Team Member)

Recruit Team Member. Partners' Services Team Leader. NT West District Member.

After participating in CU CHAMPION last year, I have experienced how enormous is the demand for healthcare services among the elderly population in the community. Therefore, I join the Core Team this year.


I wish to organize more outreaches to promote healthy lifestyle and medication safety, benefiting more participants and raising public awareness regarding health and disease related issue. I would also like to experience inter-professional cooperation with students from different disciplines through this precious opportunity.

School / Year: Pharmacy / 3

College: United College

Hobbies: Music, reading, movies


Fong Chung Sing, Vincent  (External Team Member)

Media Team Leader. CHAMPION Workshops Team Member. NT East District Member.

From my experience in last year's CU CHAMPION Summer Outreach, I discovered that many elderly are well-equipped with up-to-date self-care knowledge, which changed my stubborn, out-dated stereotypes towards them. In fact, what they need is beyond what simple health check-ups can provide, such as medication safety and psychological coping skills.

In 3 year's time, I will become a nurse. Though nurses mainly work in the hospital setting, it is crucial for us to understand more about primary healthcare. I hope I can help coordinate various activities this year, to promote the health awareness of the community.

School / Year: Nursing / 3

College: New Asia College

Hobbies: Music, reading, hiking


Lam Wing Sum, Tiffany  (External Team Member)

HEAT Team Member, Hong Kong Island District Member.

After participating in the CU champ outreach services last summer, I found out that most elderlies in this community have wrong understandings on their medications, and I also realized that they need help, care, and attention from us.


As a pharmacy student, I wish to utilize my knowledge to help those in need. At the same time, I hope that the roles of pharmacists in primary healthcare settings and drug safety could be promoted through organizing various events in the CU champion.

School / Year: Pharmacy / 3

College: SHHO College

Hobbies: Watching movies, Listening to music and traveling

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