CUHK Health Check (2013)

CUHK Health Check
In October and November 2013, CU CHAMPION held the first on campus health check at CUHK. It aimed at promoting medication safety, and investigating the health condition and attitude toward medication usage among teachers, staff, and students. 


In short, 1500 CUHK personels participated the online health survey, 1000 of them attended the on site health check.



1) Blood Pressure, Glucose, Cholesterol monitoring

2) ECG (Electrocardiography) monitoring

3) Provide health and medication safety education 

4) Health Survey

5) Medication Usage Survey 


CUHK Health Check Venues:

November 6  &   8 :Chan Chun Ha Hostel, United College

November 11 & 14 : Room 103D, Fulton Building

November 19 & 25 : Activity Room, Pommerenke Student Centre





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