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CU CHAMPION 2016 refers to the community outreach events that scheduled within October 2015 to September 2016. ​CU CHAMPION involves students, teachers, and alumni of CUHK Faculty of Medicine. As an inter-departmental student outreach team, students, alumni, and teachers of different disciplines will work together to conduct health promotion and promote medication safety.

Core Team

Core Team 2016 consists of 16 students divided into four task forces, including Internal Team, External Team, Resource Team and Research Team. Duties of Core Team include coordinating and promoting CU CHAMPION events, facilitating the logistics of CU CHAMPION events, leading the outreach services.


They led over 400 CUHK and high school student volunteers in various community outreach services. The team reached out to over 2200 CUHK alumni, elderly, rehabilitation, and ethnic minority subjects in Hong Kong.

CHAMP Orientation Day
CHAMP Orientation Day
CHAMP Orientation Day
CU CHAMPION Briefing Workshop
Summer Outreach
Summer Outreach


Comprehensive Health Advocacy and Mentorship Programme
Outreach Services
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