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About CU CHAMPION Core Team

CU CHAMPION Core Team refers to a team of student leaders from different disciplines in CUHK who are dedicated to take the lead and serve the community by transferring their knowledge and training from CUHK. The team is supervised by Prof. Vivian WY LEE and Staff Team from Centre of Learning Enhancement And Research(CLEAR) at CUHK. Advisors of CU CHAMPION include teachers from Faculty of Medicines, Department of Social Work, and Food And Nutritional Sciences Program.

Each Core Team member will be assigned to a functional role to facilitate the coordination of a wide range of service-learning knowledge transfer community projects. Team members will be responsible to perform
their functional roles with other members in different project groups. It is important to know that all core team members are also expected to collaborate, contribute, and assist in all CU CHAMPION projects.

Functional Role of Core Team


  • Coordinate internal affairs & meetings

  • Recruit and manage student volunteers

  • Prepare volunteer roster & service activities arrangement


  • Liaison with university departments & NGOs

  • Coordinate all external affairs

  • Promotion & Design

  • Administration of CU CHAMPION social media


  • Manage team resources

  • Organize e-learning materials

  • Facilitate the outreach services logistic arrangement

  • Monitor the e-learning platform & volunteer database


  • Analyze research data of outreach services

  • Prepare e-learning materials & surveys

  • Provide follow-up education & consultation

  • Formulate new research topics & service activities

*Applicants should indicate which functional role that they are confident to take part in the core team and elaborate their decision. Which functional role do you think you will fit in most? 


Students From:

Term Period:

1/2/2023 - 29/2/2024

Projects to be implemented in upcoming term:

Young at Heart Ambassador Scheme
(YaH 2.0)

Online Learning Platform on Pharmacogenetic
for Secondary School Students

Self-initiated Service-Learning Project

Please Read Before Applying:


YEAR 1 Or above Undergraduate students

Faculty of medicine

Faculty of social science

Food and Nutritional Sciences

Application Deadline:

31/12/2022 (Sat) 11:59PM

Interview Date:*

14/1/2023 (Sat) 
(AM Session: 10:00 - 12:00)
(PM Session: 14:00 - 16:00)

*Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the face-to-face interview.

Enquires on Core Team Recruitment:

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