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About Us

CU CHAMPION 2021 continues its mission of serving the needy and providing health and medication related information to the public. Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, we have adopted a brand new approach of utilizing online platforms to carry out our outreach and educational programs. With 25 students taking up the role of core team members this year, CU CHAMPION is launching a series of activities starting from the new academic year, with the hope to spread care and warmth in our community.

Core Team

Core Team 2021 composes of 25 students from Medicine, Social Science and Science faculty. Each member is assigned to one of four teams: Internal Team, External Team, Resource Team, Research Team. Duties of Core Team include recruiting volunteers, coordinating activities with schools and community centre, promoting health information and analyzing data for research.

Term: June 2020 - February 2021

Our Projects

Project Period: 7 September, 2020 - 6 September, 2021

Project | 01
Phone Reassurance for Elderly Project (PREP)
CU CHAMPION is launching a brand new service project - “Phone Reassurance for Elderly Project” (PREP) with seniors from a community centre as our target group. We will provide health assistance via one-to-one telephone contact, particularly mental health support, in the hope of relieving their anxiety and unease caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Project | 02
HPV Education Project
The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) online education project is a campaign collaboratively launched by CU CHAMPION and The Nethersole School of Nursing, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. A series of online workshops for local secondary schools on the theme of HPV will be conducted via online communication software.

Project | 03
Aiming to provide medical related knowledge through an interesting way, Medical Abbreviation References for Synchronous-learning (MARS) is an online learning platform launched by CU CHAMPION. With a search engine that includes various medical abbreviations, as well as the study card and question bank function, learners from different streams can easily find the information they need and consolidate what they have learnt by going through the self exercises. Taking advantage of the social media trend among youngsters, memes (funny graphics or videos that express a culturally relevant idea) are also created by students and posted on the MARS website, Instagram account and CU CHAMPION Facebook page.
Project | 04
Health Stories & Faek News Prevention Project
This project aims at educating the public how to distinguish between true and fake health news. We wish to clarify some common health-related misconceptions and confusing terms, so as to transfer correct health information to the public.
Project | 05
Research Project: Teaching & Learning During Pandemic
A cross-sectional study: the association between the implementation of home-based (online) teaching and the qualities of learning experiences of students in Hong Kong.
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